Assebroek, Бельгия
Спортивная гимнастика


Cooking, painting, water sports, playing football. (actusgymnastique.wordpress.com, 17 Feb 2016; gymandnews.com, 10 Jun 2018)


Athlete, Student

Spoken languages

English, French, Spanish


Independante Stephanoise Gymnastics Club [Saint-Etienne, FRA]


Julien Kerninon [national], FRA; Monique Hagard [choreographer, beam]; Cyrille Valette [club], FRA (ffgym.fr, 05 Mar 2018; insidegymnastics.com, 26 Apr 2018; ffgym.fr, 26 Feb 2018)

Sporting relatives

Her oldest sister Serena [1996] competed in gymnastics at national level in her youth, and as a student of medicine in 2016 she won the beam title at the French national university championships. Her other older sister Grace [1999] is also a member of the French senior team. (univ-st-etienne.fr, 16 Apr 2016; actusgymnastique.wordpress.com, 17 Feb 2016; actus-gymnastique.skyrock.com, 19 Mar 2014)


She sustained multiple fractures to her face after she fell from the uneven bars during training in August 2018. She underwent surgery and missed a training camp with the national team in the United States of America. (gymandnews.com, 24 Aug 2018; Instagram profile, 16 Aug 2018)

Start sporting career

She took up the sport at age two in Saint-Vallier, France (gymandnews.com, 06 Aug 2016; actusgymnastique.wordpress.com, 17 Feb 2016)

Reason for taking up the sport

Her mother is a gymnastics coach, and her older sisters Serena and Grace both practised the sport, so she naturally followed in their footsteps. "I would train alone while Grace and Serena trained together. I had no fear. When they did an element, I would try it and I would not stop until I nailed it, even if the technique was not yet there." (gymandnews.com, 06 Aug 2016; actusgymnastique.wordpress.com, 17 Fev 2017)


To compete at the Olympic Games. (gymandnews.com, 10 Jun 2018)


She trains two sessions a day, six days a week, at the France Pole in Saint-Etienne. She trains on the four apparatus, does physical preparation. She also works in her choreography once a week. (insidegymnastics.com, 26 Apr 2018)

Most memorable sporting achievement

Winning bronze on uneven bars in the junior category at the 2016 European Championships in Bern, Switzerland, and winning silver in the team all-around at the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. (insidegymnastics.com, 26 Apr 2018; gymandnews.com, 09 Aug 2018)

Hero / Idol

Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova. (gymandnews.com, 06 Aug 2016)


She has a lucky charm that she takes everywhere with her, a blue figurine her former coach Muriel Cavallero acquired for her when in Egypt. (gymandnews.com, 06 Aug 2016; gymandnews.com, 23 Jan 2017)

Additional information

Both her parents were involved coaching sports, and she grew up doing gymnastics with her two older sisters. "We tried other sports like tennis, dancing and judo, but with gymnastics we could all do it together as a trio, and that's what we loved. We love competing all three in the same team, especially when we are on the podium together." While oldest sister Serena no longer competes internationally, Lorette and Grace are both competing for places on the senior international team. But Grace says there is no rivalry between them. "There is no jealousy. We encourage and believe in each other. I am happy for my little sister, she's a fighter." (gymnastique-feminine.fr, 02 Jun 2016; gymandnews.com, 06 Aug 2016)

Last update : 2018-09-26

Спортивные результаты
32nd Junior Women's Artistic European Championships 2018
10 место 51,000В  Многоборье 05.08.2018
Спортивная гимнастика
32nd Junior Women's Artistic European Championships 2018
10 место 51,000В  Многоборье 05.08.2018